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    Thanks for adding A1. To me, after C1, it seems like a ko, and at first I was confused but in the end the defender can live unconditionally exactly because of A1
    4. December 2022
    @dtiger It's true that A1 works, too. Though to be fair it's a highly unnatural move and slightly worse than B2 (because B2 threatens to take at C1 - and in an actual game black might want to ignore the local situation for a bit) ^^
    Yeah, it gives the "attacker" the option to tenuki right away and make a more profitable sacrifice out of all the three stones; the "defender" will invest 3 moves, instead of 2 if B2 - or C1, which should be the best one - were played. In other words, attacker can decrease the value of A1 next to zero. I added that, though, since all of the solutions expect taking the ko (at C1) at once really are suboptimal.
    4. March 2020
    stone #4 A1 works too
    Provide sequence please.
    25. February 2020