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  • 20. July 2024

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    Bugfix 01.05.2024

    Longer sessions were not working properly, so this feature is reverted. If there are still any issues, such as log-outs, try to delete the cookies.

    Update 30.04.2024

    Improved search, ratings and board views

    • Boards can be roatated.
    • Broader rank system: While the last update enabled ranks from 21k to 9d, this update scales the existing problems into the new range.
    • Improved raitng calculation: The Tsumego rating calculation added an activity value that is meant to have a higher variance with fresh problems.
    • Improved similar problem search: The search has been improved by storing solution types in the database. It always finds many similar problems in any search now and is very fast.
    Example: Life & Death - Elementary 745
    In this example, it finds 30 similar problems almost instantly.

    Update 03.04.2024

    Improvements of rank display and score mechanics

    • Broader rank system: Player and Tsumego ranks range from 21k to 9d.
    • Collection difficulty: Instead of a difficulty value from 1 to 9, the average kyu/dan rank is shown.
    • Mode-indepentent scores: Problems in rating- and time mode give also xp and they change the problem's status to solved on succeeding. This means that rating and level are affected in any mode.
    • Progress bar switch: The progress bar can display any type and it can be switched on the problem pages by selecting the lower left corner.




    Madec, Kimok and YuriyStepanovich win a premium account as they have the highest non-premium ratings.



    GoTalk, Futsal and Imaim win a premium account. One more time we upgrade 3 accounts on 17.03.2024.



    Rippa, au61413080900 and franp9am win a premium account as they have the highest non-premium ratings. On 10.03.2024 we give away 3 more.

    Update 25.02.2024

    Overall rating

    Progress bar in level mode:
    Show level
    Show rating (new)

    With this update, Tsumego attempts in any mode affect the user rating.
    Level mode problems affect level and user rating.
    Rating mode is the same as before, but all formulas for user and tsumego rating calculation have been improved.
    Time mode also affects the user rating.

    Rewards: Every Sunday, the 3 highest rated users that have no premium account get a premium upgrade. Next prize giving: 03.03.24. To give everyone a fresh start, all user ratings have been reset.

    Profile page

    The profile page contains more data and is organized in line and bar charts.


    Update 01.02.2024

    Explanation for the duplicate update on 01.02.2024

    We decided to merge the duplicate problems on the website. This means, that when you solve a problem and it has duplicates, it is also solved in other collections. When you had a collection complete and there were unsolved problems again on 1. February, it means that duplicates were merged and you need to solve it again for all occurences of that board position.


    Update 11.01.2024

    Similar problem search

    This update contains a search function that can be used on the problem pages. It searches for problems that are similar to the currently visited problem. A parameter can be set for the maximum difference in stones that are placed on the board.

    similar-problems-example1 similar-problems-example2

    Update 28.12.2023

    Board previews and more achievements

    It is now possible to see previews of the problems. A preview is shown when you move your mouse over a problem. There are also 23 new achievements.

    Board preview example

    Update 23.11.2023

    Dark Theme

    Update 06.11.2023

    More achievements

    The achievements have been stocked up to 91 and there is now an achievement highscore.

    View Achievements Achievement Highscore

    Update 27.10.2023


    With today's update, you can hunt for achievements. Achievements give additional XP. There will be a user ranking and possibly other rewards. This update contains the first 46 achievements of many more.

    View Achievements

    Update 14.10.2023

    Improved comments

    Link position in comments: It is now possible to link board positions by clicking "Link current position".

    The position can be accessed by selecting the icon in the comment.

    Dynamic coordinates: The coordinates written in the comments adjust according to the visible board area.

    Example: 1000 Weiqi problems - 58

    Update 20.07.2023

    New board viewer: BesoGo

    We changed the technology that is used to display the problems from jGoBoard to BesoGo. There are various advantages, such as a tree display in the review, changing views without refresh, editing and saving problems on the website and more. It also opens possibilities to merge recurring board positions and to make a better result distinction. Instead of correct and incorrect, a future update is going to include more details.

    It comes with a separate editor which was the starting point to make this possible. Editor

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    Problem Database Size

    New Collection: Techniques of TsumeGo | 04.07.2024

    In the game of Go, to solve crucial situations, one has to master the different techniques that the game presents. Those techniques, also known as Tesuji, are presented in this collection. The first topics and the first Tesuji techniques to master are ladders (Shicho) and nets (Geta).

    Kageyama says "If you want to capture stones, hold up two fingers and say to yourself: 'Can I capture with the net?' and 'Can I capture with the ladder?'"

    New Collection: Kano Yoshinori | 31.12.2023

    This series written by Kano Yoshinori in 1985 covers a large range of fundamental topics. Volume 1 contains problems about recognizing atari, ladders, snapbacks and basic life and death problems. Created for Tsumego Hero by Stepan Trubitsin.

    New Collection: 9x9 Endgame Problems

    There's a saying in Go that your overall strength is limited by your endgame strength. Even if you are leading a lot in the opening and middle game, mistakes in endgame can still lose you the game. This collection allows you to practice and level-up your endgame in a small 9x9 board with real-game examples.

    New Collection: Sacrifical Tsumego

    Sometimes sacrifices are necessary in order to kill, but how many stones can you sacrifice before killing? That's the question this collection aims to answer.

    New Collection: Yi Kuo

    Yi Kuo is a classical kifu and tsumego book written by Huang Longshi (1651-1700). It was posthumously published in 1710. Go Seigen once commented that Longshi's fighting skill was of 13-dan strength. The problems in this collection are focused mainly on endgame tesujis.