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    Kanzufu is a classic Japanese problem collection originating from the mid-seventeenth century, also known as Guanzi Pu in China. It is noted as the largest problem collection from the classical period, containing 1473 problems. The first author/editor was Guo Bailing in 1660. Created for Tsumego Hero by Jérôme Hubert.
    Kanzufu on Tsumego Hero

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    Guide To Become Strong

     by Benjamin Teuber 6 Dan

    Many times I hear questions and requests like "How can I become strong?" or "My Go lacks this or that. Please teach me how to be better at it!". In general, I think many people overestimate the role of a Go-Teacher. Of course, it's very important to play and analyze with stronger players too, but still the teacher is not everything. Most of the learning consists of exploring Go for yourself, and not by having every single move explained. Actually, most part of my study in Japan did not consist of being taught by pros, but of studying by myself. One big point of being next to professionals was that they explained how to do this.

    For you, these lines mean that you don't have to go to Japan or find a 6-Dan teacher to become incredibly strong!!! Instead, if you are ambitious, you just have to know what to do by yourself. This is why I decided to write this small tutorial.

    How to become strong (in order of importance)

    1.Play, play, play - the stronger your opponent the better for you
    2. Do Tsumego in the right way continuously. Maybe this seems to be boring for you at first, but you'll see how much fun it is once you start. It's very important how to do so!
    3.Analyze your games with other players (as above, the stronger the better) - best would be to found a private study group (ten eyes will find more than two or four...)
    4.Do Tsumego
    5.If you like, repeat and learn some pro games
    6.More Tsumego
    7.If you have some interesting book about fuseki, joseki, shape, endgame or whatever, read it if you enjoy - but don't spend too much time with it
    8.If you still have time left, how about a few tsumego-problems?