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    New Collection: Sacrifical Tsumego

    Sometimes sacrifices are necessary in order to kill, but how many stones can you sacrifice before killing? That's the question this collection aims to answer.

    New Collection: Yi Kuo

    Yi Kuo is a classical kifu and tsumego book written by Huang Longshi (1651-1700). It was posthumously published in 1710. Go Seigen once commented that Longshi's fighting skill was of 13-dan strength. The problems in this collection are focused mainly on endgame tesujis.

    Update 20.07.2023

    New board viewer: BesoGo

    We changed the technology that is used to display the problems from jGoBoard to BesoGo. There are various advantages, such as a tree display in the review, changing views without refresh, editing and saving problems on the website and more. It also opens possibilities to merge recurring board positions and to make a better result distinction. Instead of correct and incorrect, a future update is going to include more details.

    It comes with a separate editor which was the starting point to make this possible. Editor

    New Collection: French Go Review

    The french Go review is a magazine published currently 3 times a year which started in 1979. The first issue for 2023 is N° 158. In each issue, some tsumego or tesuji problems are proposed with several levels : beginner, intermediate and advanced. Many problems were proposed by Fan Hui, 2 Dan professional.

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    Tsumego Hero is only in constant good shape, because there were users who helped creating the files for the problems. If you want to do some tsumego training and at the same time help the website by creating files, please message me. Help is much appreciated.

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    We are looking for more admins who can confidently answer comments in the discuss area and create new problems. Ideally, there is a small group of active or semi-active admins that is interested in discussion, uploading problems or creating new collections. Let me know if you would like to be on the productive side of Tsumego Hero. (me@joschkazimdars.com)