Tsumego Hero
  • Korean Problem Academy 1

    Korean Problem Academy: a collection of problems from the Korean baduk schools designed to train young kids to become dan level players. The problems are divided into 4 sets:

    - 25 kyu - 15 kyu, 200 problems
    - 15 kyu - 5 kyu, 200 problems
    - 5 kyu - 1 kyu, 150 problems
    - 1 kyu - 4 dan, 200 problems

    The problems come in sets that focus on a single concept: creating false eyes, death in the hane, descent to kill, creating big eyes, etc. The first set of problems (25 kyu - 15 kyu) focuses on the concept of a live group via making two eyes and killing groups by creating dead shapes with them.

    The solutions that you find here were created by the Tsumego Hero community.

    200 Problems

    Avg. difficulty: 13k