Tsumego Hero
  • Korean Problem Academy 2

    Korean Problem Academy: a collection of problems from the Korean baduk schools designed to train young kids to become dan level players. The problems are divided into 4 sets:

    - 25 kyu - 15 kyu, 200 problems
    - 15 kyu - 5 kyu, 200 problems
    - 5 kyu - 1 kyu, 150 problems
    - 1 kyu - 4 dan, 200 problems

    The problems come in sets that focus on a single concept: creating false eyes, death in the hane, descent to kill, creating big eyes, etc. The focus of the second set (15 kyu - 5 kyu) is on seki, throw-ins, bent-four-in-a-corner, and shortage of liberties. There are also more problems for creating/preventing dead shapes from forming inside of an eye.

    The solutions that you find here were created by the Tsumego Hero community.

    200 Problems

    Avg. difficulty: 10k