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    Sprint Intuition Rejuvenation Refinement
    5k (57.8%)
    File by Bradford Malbon

    OK, so the thinking (for me at least) was that D19 creates an eye, while leaving 3 fields in a row to create a second one. Uff...
    It is correct.
    18. April 2023
    I'm totally lost in how to solve this one... any pointers?
    To make a living group, you have to build Two eyes, at least for this problem.
    7. April 2023
    Landael's message: It is the first time that I am in tsumego hero, I always have to lower the bar to move on to the next problem, because I can't see the whole screen, but if the board is cut a little in the problems that do not need so much space, it would be great You would have the complete visualization of the title above along with the bottom part to move on to the next problem without having to lower the cursor bar to have to visualize the bottom part, the rest of this page is incredible! congratulations to the creator
    28. August 2020
    es la primera vez que estoy en tsumego hero, siempre me toca bajar la barra para pasar al siguiente problema, porque no alcanzo a ver toda la pantalla, pero si se recorta un poco el tablero en los problemas que no necesita tanto espacio, seria genial se tendria la visualizacion completa del titulo de arriba junto con la parte de abajo para pasar al siguiente problema sin tener que bajar la barra de cursor para tener que visualizar la parte de abajo, del resto es increible esta pagina! felicidades al creador
    English please.
    23. August 2020