Tsumego Hero
  • Sprint Intuition Rejuvenation Refinement
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    This is unrelated to the problem but I don't know where else to say this. I am at 0 hearts but was still able to do a problem I had just gotten wrong. Also, the intuition hero power doesn't seem to work. Is it just me?
    This was fixed 2 weeks ago.
    28. July 2023
    I feel the option to make a KO should be disallowed, as it says white to kill, and "Correct!" implies white can answer any tenuki if they make this position. As a beginner it took me a little bit to see thats not true
    You have a point, but this whole collection happens to have a policy of allowing kos to kill, too.
    26. May 2022
    "It could have been left that way intentionally" - I don't see how that matters. This is an educational tool. If the result is ko then it should say ko, not black-to-kill.
    I agree with caranthir. This is a very easy collection so it is correct too.
    11. November 2021
    A18-B18-B17 is accepted as a solution, but isn't this ko?
    It could have been left that way intentionally, since it would have been obvious for the creator(s) of the collection, and on the other hand, this is indeed an elementary collection. Whoever added this problem can maybe decide if they notice.
    25. June 2021
    S2-S1-T2-S3-P1 should work as well, right?
    P1 is inferior to Q1 in that it leaves a large ko threat for only 1 point possible gain, provided that eventually opponent's stones don't have to be removed without them playing Q1 or T1 first, and that O1 and O2 will not be player's stones or territory. That said, I think P1 can be accepted in this collection. Changed.
    16. June 2021