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    I don't think offering more xp is called for - also maybe a little complicated on re-solve. Simply marking problem correct upon first solving and challenging user with additional solutions , without losing more hearts, is the way to go. I believe this will motivate user to think more deeply on the problem and use "REVIEW" to explore the problem even further. If one wants to get fancy , keep track and on last variant "Congrats you've solved m of n variants. ( if m < n : See REVIEW to explore further. Allowing for some randomness in what path is offered upon first invocation also good.
    13. September 2023
    About the previous comment, we could treat alternative answer feature as a "bonus round". When you solve the problem the first time, it gets marked as correct and you get the xp and you get offered a bonus round. If you solve the bonus round correctly, you get double xp (or %50 more). This keeps the feature fun and meaningful without feeling too punishing. Or we could also make it optional when creating the sgf, it would be disabled by default and has to be manually enabled. I personally think first suggestion is better as it is consistent with the "gamification of tsumego" goal this website was originally formed.
    We make an admin setting. It is turned on by default.
    9. September 2023
    new pblm viewer) Wow, at first I thought “Correct but what about this answer” was neat, but now I’ve confirmed that apparently one needs to get all variations correct in order to achieve a “correct” and losing a heart for each var missed. This seems a very high bar particularly for beginners and a major change in behavior. This site seems to be devolving to one that is less fun and more stressful. More fun with less stress was really the thing that made the site so great and successful in the first place.
    Yes, this and the reset got more strict with the hearts. We might give back room for errors by giving more hearts. We could also have alternative moves not lose a heart when one sequence is solved correctly or give a reward when multiple alternative moves were solved correctly (like gaining a heart).
    8. September 2023
    Martin Thaumiller:
    wP18-sO18-wQ19 should be also correct (Problem 145/150 Introduction to life and death part 2)
    Your move(s) have been added.
    7. July 2019
    Hi! On Introduction to Life & Death 145/150, after w E2,b F2 whites D1 also a correct answer.
    Your move(s) have been added.
    2. July 2019