Tsumego Hero
  • Sprint Intuition Rejuvenation Refinement
    11k (1083)

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    Diego Ojeda:
    so this is seki, but it's not specified. As other problems specify seki I spent a lot of time looking for other solution thinking there was one.
    Hane from the outside group is gote seki for the opponent, ie. entirely possible that we'll live with those small points as enforcing the seki (in that way) would be an endgame move. Descent from the outside group can lead to seki too. -- Conversely, opponent throw-in at C1 (SW corner) is threatening the corner life to be a ko, and if answered, can enforce seki (for the immediate price of one point but without the cost of a move). To me, it's a better move than hane or descent. -- Anyway, after the player's right move, it's _possible_ seki, not seki. Therefore giving "seki" as a hint would be inaccurate.
    15. July 2022
    After the solution, hane from the outside group leads to seki. Can inside group not do better than seki?
    How? ;)
    27. March 2022
    T3 is saying incorrect?
    Self atari. Opponent doesn't need to capture, though, as the shape is dead (died in gote.)
    8. June 2021