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    @caranthir you don’t need to refute every single move, even simple AI can be used if you limit it to play in the area of the problem
    2. September 2020
    A lot of times when you make a wrong move you simply lose and don’t get to see how the enemy plays. I’m here to learn not to be tested, I want to see why I was wrong and not have to wonder for days. I’m not asking for the solution just for the explanation of the wrong moves
    Often there are many possible wrong moves and only a few or one right sequence in a tsumego problem. Providing refutations to all possible erroneous moves in every problem is impractical, althought we try to provide refutations that are most relevant or less obvious to see. If you have difficulty understanding why a move is right or wrong, you can also study the problems on a board or with an SGF editor. Of course, ultimately your goal should be to solve problems without any support, just by reading through all relevant possibilities, and that way become convinced of the right solution yourself. In other words, you should be ultimately able to independently trust your own judgement, just like when playing a game. Sometimes even printed problem collections contain errors!
    28. August 2020