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    Monkey jump powa
    8. June 2021
    I have to second that. This is indeed an easy problem. The medium kills are much more difficult. And after that there is no end to the difficulty. This wasn't an easy problem some time ago for me too. Don't give up. Once you get the idea of certain tesuji and a feeling of shapes, you'll start seeing solutions at first glance. You don't need to remember the problem, you're just training the ability so calculate and see. My tactic: If I can't solve it in 1-3 minutes, I move to the next one and come back later. Best regards from a 3 kyu player who isn't really good at tsumego.
    9. September 2020
    How is this an essy kill? At this point this feel like being mockingmocked instead of taught...
    This is a quite easy problem, it asks for a very basic type of tesuji move, and the vital point of the shape is obvious at first glance.
    2. September 2020