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    When set up in the lower right, the sequence S2 Q2 S3 P1 has then many correct final moves. I believe P2 could be added to since it also captures the stones even though it is slightly less efficient since it let the opponent get a few more forcing moves later
    Ivan Detkov:
    Your move has been added.
    16. September 2022
    S2 Q2 S3 P1 R2 should work too. Corner is not completely alive, but this puts more pressure to the opponents group, so the opponent can't instantly play S1, because he will lose semeai
    In your variation, the opponent has forcing moves on the outside; those are not there if the corner is simply alive. On the other hand, if the corner is alive, then the opponent's group is not so important anyway; we can maybe capture it in the endgame, or the opponent can rescue it, but it might be too small for quite some time. Sorry, but I still regard the current answer better.
    18. October 2021
    follow up : there is a combinaison that is not optimal but works (Alive in the corner with no Ko), so, it officially solves the problem : S2 - Q2 - S3 - P1 - S1
    Your move has been added.
    19. April 2021