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    Why is this sequence: C18, A16, D19, C19, B19, B17, D19 the only correct one? If it's because we take first, the opponent only has to move forward once to F19 for free and take the ko back first. Also, I checked with the AI and when you play C18, the best answer is B17, B19, A16, D19, C19 and again it's the opponent who can take first. I'm pointing all this out because if the right answer is no longer a ko where you can take first, then there are a lot more answers to add to this problem!
    7. February 2024
    C18 B19 is symmetrical to the variation B17 B19 which is marked as wrong. So why is the resistance in the solution C18 A16 instead?
    It is not symmetrical, there is a slight but important difference.
    27. June 2023
    C18-B17 how get advantageaous ko ?
    Ivan Detkov:
    Provide sequence.
    26. August 2022
    Hi, Black play B19 then w B17, b C18, w A16, b D16, w C17 and after black F19 I don't see any good solution for White
    I think white lives in seki after defending the atari.
    27. April 2020