Tsumego Hero
  • Sprint Intuition Rejuvenation Refinement
    4d (2466)

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    addendum: I just noticed that the review button doesn't match the sgf file. In the sgf after 3 moves there are two choices for black, E17 or H18, but in the review only E17 appears. Probably was what confused Sadaharu before...
    The script selects the opponent answers before the review visualizations get created. It would be difficult to program.
    28. October 2022
    For the last move it is not clear that L16 is the best one. According to katago there are many equivalent moves (K15, L15, M16 and even J18), and K15 or L15 seem to be slightly better that the given solution.
    Let's add all of them.
    28. October 2022
    There was a sequence where B ataris at H18 instead of E17. Now it seems like the sequence is gone. Was that sequence intentional?
    That variation is still in the tree. I tested this a few times and the variation was randomly chosen a decent number of times. I don't know if there was some problem before, but now everything seems ok.
    26. May 2021