Tsumego Hero
  • White to capture.
    Sprint Intuition Rejuvenation Refinement
    3k (49.3%)
    File by Joschka Zimdars

    An update to my prior comment, the admin didn't explain why it didn't work, but here's the flaw in my sequence. After W-F2, responding B-D1 necessitates W-E1. Then B-E5 forces W-E6. Finally, B-C4 captures the two white stones and black lives.
    You're right, except I think with W E1 you mean W F1.
    27. November 2022
    There's another sequence that captures but counts as a loss. When oriented on the bottom left of the board, white to capture: W-D5, B-E2, W-F3, B-C2, W-F2. At this point black could respond D1 or E1; white captures with F1. Or black could try F1; white captures with F1.
    Ivan Detkov:
    I disagree with your comment.
    27. November 2022
    Ischemgeek :
    After w Atari the second line cutting stone, b can either descend with the O4 group or the Q2 group and both successfully capture as the S3 group doesn't suffer from a shortage of liberties.
    I disagree with your comment.
    14. October 2022
    There is more than one solution here. Only one variation is accepted.
    What valid sequence is not accepted?
    22. June 2021