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    26. January 2023
    Thanks, I understand that but what I was referring to is that a 4d question has a ±1650 rating and a 22% win rate. This probably means it pops up in place which are not appropiate (like very easy for a 3k). That is my point... Another thing which has happened (on a problem I can not find anymore because it does not show up in history is that when I fail on a problem and lose a heart; and then I switch to Level to leave a message (because you can not with the rating mode) I suddenly lose ALL my hearts. I have mailed Josch twice about it but he did not respond, maybe the bug report entered his SPAM account. It is quite an annoying bug...
    12. July 2022
    With very easy level in rating mode, sometimes I get 4d and 5d questions; like this one... in this way... I lose hearts and in the end I can not continue :(
    Ivan Detkov:
    This is like in life, my friend. Do not get discouraged because you met a problem you cannot solve. Keep working and you will solve it at some moment in future.
    6. July 2022