Tsumego Hero
  • Sprint Intuition Rejuvenation Refinement
    3d (2326)

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    Khan Guru:
    I see a difficulty with the proposed solution S17 - S18 T16 - T18 S19 - R19 Instead of the last move R19, I suggest T17 to atari three black stones. After this, I think black is dead. Have I missed something ? The proposed solution would be OK if there was an extra black stone at N18.
    Ivan Detkov:
    I do not think black is dead after T17. Prove your believes.
    27. April 2023
    it seems like the answer is w s17, b s18, w t16, b t18, w s19 b r19, w p19, b p18, w t12, but can't black play t17 instead of r19 and live in the corner?
    I added sequences.
    1. June 2022