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    8d (2817)

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    Hi, Ivan. I think the sequence up to T1 capturing the two stones is fine. However, I believe the R7 connection should be omitted (play the S2 throw-in immediately and T7 connection instead). This way, the attacker playing N2 won't be sente against the defender, leaving the attacker less thick on the bottom side, I think. (I normally wouldn't quibble as much since the defender still wins the race either way, but the Kanzufu set is intended for mid-high dan solvers, so maybe the very best moves should be taken into account?)
    Ivan Detkov:
    I do not know how to explain it briefly and clearly in comments but you are right. I corrected the sequence.
    9. March 2024
    + A14 The defender wins the race this way, right?
    Ivan Detkov:
    Your move has been added. Could you please check the sequence for me? It is not trivial.
    8. March 2024