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  • Sprint Intuition Rejuvenation Refinement
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    Rene Villarreal:
    After K9 L8 , K8 is marked as incorrect, even when after K7 J10 H11, the position is the same as the correct variation
    Your moves have been added.
    8. June 2023
    Since the problem is very symmetrical, the tree of solutions should also be symmetrical. One missing variation (at least): K9 L8 K8 K7 J10 H11 does not lead to any correct answer, but with J10 and K8 exchanged it does... Note that this is the same problem as Pretty area #19, so maybe just cut and paste the complete tree of solution from there?
    I added your moves. I think most of the variations are covered already, the only one that was missing was the J10 after K8 shape you pointed out, so no need to copy/paste tree from the other problem in my opinion.
    6. November 2022