Tsumego Hero
  • Sprint Intuition Rejuvenation Refinement
    2d (32.38%)

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    Q1 also works no? In your variation black doesn’t have enough liberties if you continue
    I missed the simple black connection at M1 and thats why I thought Q1 was ko, I added Q1 as an alternative answer now.
    29. December 2022
    An intersting combination that could be added starting with White at O3 and Black trying an answer at N3 : O3 - N3 - O2 - O1 - P1 - N1 - Q2 - P3 - P2
    I think the main variation is more interesting but I agree that black O1 makes your variation interesting enough to be added.
    28. December 2022
    After N3 P3 O3 O2, if you play at N1 can't black play at R2? I thought the correct answer should be P1 R2 Q1
    Yes, I missed that R2 gains an extra liberty in sente if black plays N1 or O1, that makes P1 the only correct move then, but Q1 is the wrong follow-up, black should cut at P2 instead.
    28. December 2022