Tsumego Hero
  • Sprint Intuition Rejuvenation Refinement
    2k (1901)

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    Oh I see, I missed that! So in both variations black gets 8 points, but B3 is one point better since it reduces white one point.
    Yeah, the author thought that B3 doesn't work but I think he missed out that black can connect first instead of taking the ko.
    9. June 2023
    After B2-B3, black should pass rather than add a move at D2 (assuming Japanese rules). But it's still one point worse than starting at B3, right? So it seems misleading that they're both marked as correct :)
    Even if Black doesn't play D2, black still has only 8 points because white can force black to take 4 stones by playing at C1 or B2 eventually. B3 also has 8 points. Original answer only had B2 but I found out that B3 also works so I kept both since they both win
    8. June 2023