Tsumego Hero
  • Sprint Intuition Rejuvenation Refinement
    3d (2358)

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    Yes what I mean is the T3 throw-in and atari can be played anytime after the R2 cut
    Ok, in that case I already added some more variations about throwing in after R2.
    7. October 2023
    Too many "how about this" I feel. Also, some moves such as the T3 throw-in first for the N2 or M5 variation or K5 first for the P2 variation are also possible
    Ok, reduced the number of branches to 3 from 4. I think the remaining three are different enough to be worth keeping. As for the T3 throw-in, I don't think it works if black throws in before cutting at R2, you can provide the whole sequence so that it becomes more clear.
    5. October 2023