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  • White to kill. (No ko)
    Sprint Intuition Rejuvenation Refinement
    9k (70.5%)
    File by Joschka Zimdars

    Leo Wagner:
    Oh, I see, it is a Seki. I made a mistake when setting up the problem.
    19. May 2022
    Leo Wagner:
    Does playing the outside at A5 not work also?
    No. I suggest you study it yourself, with board or sgf editor if necessary, to make sure you see why it doesn't work. See also d4rkm4tter's response below. The space inside is too large to use any ordinary nakade (result of that is just a seki). Instead, the attacker must make an eye.
    5. May 2022
    Can't W tenuki? Any approach can be followed by B19, and if B throws in first W captures and can still make a bulky 5 the next move. Or captures in case of self-atari.
    No, he has to play. tenuki-B19-A19 and it is seki.
    17. June 2021