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  • Problems from Professional Games 9/45
    Black: White:
    Yo Kagen 9p Matsumoto Takehisa 6p
    White to play and save the marked group.
    Sprint Intuition Rejuvenation Refinement
    3k (45.81%)
    File by Alexandre Dinerchtein
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  • Keks:
    Well that were the moves i meant. But looking twice instead black A6 after white B7 black could play b5 so i see my mistake
    19. November 2022
    Doesn't B4 save without a ko? If black B6 white B7. If black A6 white A7 if black b5 white A5 then a3 and b6 are miai.
    B4-B6 dead, did you mistype coordinates?
    12. November 2022