Tsumego Hero
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    Black: White:
    Yu Bin 9p Song Taegun 9p
    Black to play and kill the white group.
    Sprint Intuition Rejuvenation Refinement
    3k (45.43%)
    File by Alexandre Dinerchtein
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  • Kraeftchen:
    I mean that it doesn't matter where black plays because it seems almost impossible for white to live. t11 as first move works, s11 works as well in your sequence.
    I disagree with your comment.T11 or S11 as first move are mistakes.There is only one correct first move.
    30. September 2020
    I think there is a sequence missing that involves 7. b t14. At least I can't see how white could live after that.
    You mean t14 first move? No, this doesn't work, I added sequences.
    9. September 2020